Skoda Octavia Caught Camo-Free

Skoda Octavia

The next generation Skoda Octavia has been caught testing many times, but each time the car was camouflaged. This time, however, Nicolas Willson managed to shoot a photo of the next Octavia completely uncovered. The image was taken in Santiago, Chile, where Skoda was doing its own photo shoot of the new Octavia. The only thing covered up on the car is the Skoda logo on the front, but that won’t fool anyone.

As previously reported, the next Octavia will feature design elements we have already seen on Skoda’s new Rapid , including a grille that connects to both headlights.

The next Octavia will be built on Volkswagen’s new MQB platform and will come with the choice of two petrol engines — a 85-horsepower, 1.2-liter TSI and a 140-horsepower, 1.4-liter TSI — and two diesel engines — a 105-horsepower, 1.6-liter unit and a 150-horsepower, 2.0-liter unit.

Photo credit Nicolas Willson/Carscoop for CarPix.


you ca get a 3 series bmw for RS money. and get same power but more comfort!

i am waiting for the RS version! a cheap, quite powerful 4 door car!

i bet this car will have great MPG figures! which will make it perfect for every day use!

the octavia has provided german engineering for a lower price! and it still does!

this is a good car to use around the town and go out for a road trip in the weekend. perfect!

i think the octavia is a great car. economic engine, big trunk, good leg space in the back.

midocar, lamborghini is in the same family with vw (vw owns lambo) and their cars have nothing in common!

it has something of the vw look. you can tell they are in the same family.

even if it isn’t, i think it is a bit bigger. which means the extra money would be worthing it.

will this be cheaper than the vw jetta?

i think the octavia is a very good family car!

140 HP from a 1.4 liter engine is great!

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