SMART files patent on new Roadster Concept design

We’re not quite sure what to make of this, but from what we’ve gathered, Mercedes has filed patent drawings of what looks to be the next generation Smart Roadster . The drawings were filed on November 16, 2010 and are now subject for trademark approval.

Now, it’s been almost a decade since Smart came out with a roadster version of their ForTwo compact cars – anybody remember the Crossblade ? – so this could very well be the supposed successor to that vehicle. On the flip side, seeing as Smart isn’t exactly selling like hotcakes these days, this rendering of the new Smart Roadster could very well be just a concept design that will be unveiled in order to gauge interest on the car.

We’re not trying to take anything away from the design because we actually think it’s pretty good. While it does resemble the Crossblade a tad, these drawings of the new roadster appear to have a number of changes on it including a conventional set of doors, a wind deflector, and a Tridion Safery Cell that’s a Smart ForTwo staple.

Whatever Mercedes’ plans are for this car, we can at least be sure that we’re going to see a concept version of this roadster down the road. But whether that translates to a production model still remains to be seen.


Well, IMO, small cars are fuel efficient. Not usually that this kind of car is dangerous. And I find this car kind of cute with roadster version.

i agree with you allan_tom, Even though small cars are affordable and uses less gas,I don’t think that they are smart too use. Never risk your safety. Cars that weightless suffers a big damage.

I’m so sick of this concept. Just like the Fiat 500. i’m sure they will kill this model soon. And small cars is too dangerous in the road of US.

I look forward on strapping my golf bags to the back. Though the doors are a bit unnecessary. And a roof might be nice for some shade on the back nine.

Wait I thought these things weren’t selling anymore. Regardless when the Fiat 500 comes out it will dominate this cars demographic and finally put it to rest

Diamler should seriously consider a partnership with Yamaha for the smart line. Tiny little cars with 1000cc or 1300cc Yamaha motorcycle engines and transmissions would be a hell of a lot more fun than what they offer now.

I too was very interested in the smart roadster and mourned that the tooling was sold off just before Smarts came to the US. Roadster

nice a smart car for family. I hope you can buy a 4 unit of these, but how about your grand mother and grand father? they should also have one.

Tho without the integral safety cage design, I’m not seeing how this version is going to have any of the crashworthiness / survivability of the coupe.

Diamler should seriously consider a partnership with Yamaha for the smart line. Tiny little cars with 1000cc or 1300cc Yamaha motorcycle engines and transmissions would be a hell of a lot more fun than what they offer now.

wow that was a nice plan but you forgot to mention the GPS tracker so that you can track you son and daughter.

cool i wonder how many of this small cars will be built. actually I’m planning to buy a four unit for my family. one for me, one for my wife, one for my son, and one for my daughter... well isn’t that great? a family road trip having their own car? hahaha

For some reason, the first thing to pop into my head when I saw the picture is "cupcake".

Doesn’t look nearly as nice as the original Smart Roadster Coupe.

Yes, definitely needs a rooftop for rain...

Good looking, however the small shield and the lack of rooftop are some crucial elements when it comes to comfort and security.

Did you ever got a stone in the shield? That maybe cracked it a bit? Imagine that on this shield smiley

Not to mention, if a sudden rain starts, you are f***** (not so good) smiley

These look to me like some 3D drafts, good ones, but still drafts. I am not convinced if they are a real thing, or they are some kids inventions.

Whatever the case, good job!

Nice 3Ds. However they should of done some breaking system since you can see through the wheels!

Nope, I don’t think just because they are both small you can compare this with the IQ... basically I see no other common element...

well for me it looks more like a collaboration of toyota IQ and Mercedes benz smartfortwo... look at the front end and the rear end and you can see what I’m trying to say.

Looks more a lot of toyota IQ in a roadster version, but honestly it looks great, for sure you can get a lot of appreciation when you buy this one,

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