Smokey vs. the Police UK edition

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Everybody’s favorite chain smoking tuner, "Smokey" Nagata, the owner of the Japanese tuning house Top Secret likes to travel the world, and bring his high horsepower machines along with him to do some top speed testing. Unfortunately the runs don’t always go off without a hitch, like when he brought his signature gold Supra to the U.K.

Check out the video after the jump to see Smokey’s 400 km/h run at the Nardo test track.

Source: Top Secret


His super crazy, haha you must love this guy for his crazy courage.

really!!! crazy Gallardo headlights on supra O_o! i like top secret tuning)! & nagata is really crazy! 400kmh on autobahn - he’s killer)

Smokey Nagata is crazy. I like this guy. He is a true automotive bada$$.

And is it just me or does the Supra have Gallardo headlights?

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