Sounds of 2010: Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale live in Brazil

Here in Top Speed, we have every intention of ringing in the new year with a bang. That pretty much means that for the next few days until 2011 rolls along, we intended to keep the noise and decibel level up a few notches with some eardrum-shattering, high-octane videos featuring some of our – and yours too, we hope – favorite exotics on the planet.

First up is a Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale screaming along the streets of Brazil. While we understandably dig the whole video game-to-real life effects done at the start of the video, we’re more interested in the sound of that powerhouse engine piercing through its surroundings.

Watch the five-minute video until the end and you’re going to be treated to the joyous sound of the car heading inside a couple of tunnels with the shriek of the engine reverberating and bouncing along the tunnel’s walls.

Ramp up the volume, fellas. This Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale is certainly not for the weak of heart.


The sound of its engine really is like an operatic in the ear. The figure performance of the car is just impressive.

hmm. It seems that there are a lot of wealthy folks in Brazil for supercars can be seen anywhere! The performance of this vehicle is quite superb. I’m really impressed in the car.

I thought this would be a preview of a new car games. I was shocked seeing the video game turns into a real effects. Agreed, that the sounds of its engine feels like a music to my ear.

I would love to see this car banging in the road of Brazil. I love the operatic sound of its engine , it really proves that this car can give a smooth driving experience.

F360 was a great car, not because of its experience and performance but because of the design that really standout to my taste. I’d take the body color and its 6 speed.

I guess while we don’t yet know what the decided powerplant will be, we can guarantee it will include AWD, go like stink and look awesome!

Well, what else is there to say…? Aside from the lame video game introduction, there is no way that you, a reader of AutoGuide, do not want to be this guy, ripping through the heart of a tropical metropolis in one of the greatest Ferraris, the 360 Challenge Stradale of all time.

How isn’t the Cayenne a real SUV? It’s extremely capable off-road (as evidence of the Trans Siberian Rally) and it seats 5 comfortably with a huge capacity for hauling around stuff.

There are a lot of rumors surrounding the next Subaru Impreza WRX STI, with some reports suggesting it will go diesel, while others point to a hybrid version.

hahah I hope they have a special permit to drive those beyond the speed limits. well anyway for sure police cruisers in brazil cannot catch up with this cars so why bother chasing them.

that’s for sure, I bet many brazilians had a ride or their lives when they see this cars rolling on streets and highways of brazil.

Just beautiful sound... I feel in love smiley

I bet the streets of brazil was shocked by the sound of the engines of the stradale. but much better if the stradale where used a kn sonic muffler.

To prepare a car for the upcoming season, it has to pass a series of crash tests. Scuderia Ferrari could now proceed with the development of its 2011 racer after the chassis for the model has recently passed the tests.

yeah for sure Brazil was disturbed by a loud bang of the 360’s engine. can’t imagine what is the reaction of the neighbors when they hear the 360 roaring its engine and stretch it’s wheels.

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