Special edition Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione spotted in Ukraine

Ukraine is hardly one of the places people travel to in search of exotic cars. But that doesn’t mean that these rare beasts can’t be found there either.

Special edition Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione spotted in Ukraine

Our friends from the Eastern European nation were kind enough to send us shots of an Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione out on the road. We know that only 500 of these cars have been made and our giddy Ukranian friends were humble enough to mention that one such model in their homeland is more than just one of the 500.

This particaluar car comes with a “Qudrifoglio” emblem, which means that the car comes with special edition tunings that only 20 other 8C Competizione’s can boast of. Short of saying, this particular car is a limited edition of a special edition.

These ultra-rare Alfa’s come with a completely different interior furnish, wheel disks that are said to be 40% lighter than those that come in the traditional models, and, last but not least, two unmistakable quadrifoliate clover badges in the car.

I guess we’re going to have to recant what we said. Super duper exotics do exist in Ukraine.

Photos courtesy of Topgir Ukraine.


Nice car to with which to return to the US market! The back is a bit Opel GTish for me, but that’s kind of like saying I wish Jessica Alba was a tad taller. I wouldn’t throw either of them out of my garage.


Great looking car. Alfa Romeo is at its best with this car.

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