SPEED Channel's Dream Ride 2 And Hottest Car Chases

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Car people love things that involve cars. It’s as simple as that. And there is nothing better than a classic car chase in a Hollywood film. Yet, just like the cars themselves, these chase scenes can spark serious debate. Taking advantage of this dispute, SPEED is going to count down the worst to the best scenes with a two-hour special on Thanksgiving, hopefully ending that long running debate.

The new show won’t just be car chases, it will help SPEED show-off their newest contest, the SPEED Dream Ride 2. This is a sweepstakes-style contest where five winners and their guests will head to California and the Infineon Raceway. Winners will get to ride alongside Mario Andretti in a two-seat Indy Car, Kyle Petty in a NASCAR stock car, Jason Pridmore on a two-up MotoGP bike, and Tanner Foust on the drifting course.

On top of all that, winners will get to crush some cars with a monster truck. Of course, it’s not just any monster truck; it’s Gravedigger, a legend in the monster truck scene. Winners will also get some time in a few exotics courtesy of World Class Driving.

Does all this sound like the dream vacation of a lifetime? Well, head over to SpeedDreamRide.com to enter the contest on Thanksgiving Day.

Anyway, back to the show. Below, we have three clips for you, just to give a taste of what to expect when you tune in while stuffing your face with turkey. Enjoy.


Looking into it, reminded me of playing the need for underground speed. I’ve been chased by a helicopter too when I was violating their traffic rules.

The parking garage chase from Tomorrow Never Dies with the remote-controlled, bullet-proof, torpedo-launching, mini retracting circular saw in the badge BMW is the best Bond car chase IMO.

I’ve always thought Ronin has some freaking sweet driving in it. I’d prefer to see the other chase scene through the narrow streets where pro drivers were used in LH drive cars and fake steering wheels on the RH side for the actors to "drive" with.

Thanks BryanUsrey! When I was a child a saw a movie with a white car like this. I remember the end an some scenes but I was unable to find the title. I’m going to search "Vanishing Point". I think that it’s the movie.

Thanks again!

I will undoubtedly be on there. Even though some people Hate it, others Love it. V8’s and no music, it’s worth watching just for that.

The picture on the top of the page is from Vanishing Point.

The videos are fantastic. But one question: From which movie is the cap you use in this article? Thanks!

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