Speeding to Jail!

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When your job is on the line, how far would you go to keep your driving licence?

Speeding to Jail!

Imagine that you are driving merrily down the road, your stressed about work and the pending season of goodwill, suddenly there is a flash behind you! Instantly you realise that you have caught on camera for speeding, that’s a £60 fine and three points on your licence, nothing to bad you might think, but what if you already have points on your licence? And what if your job depends on you having a driving licence? These factors are enough to push the average over the edge and maybe even to break the law.

Take 41 year old Jeffrey Stott from Oldham in the UK, he has just been jailed for owning up to 50 speeding and running through red light fines, people would come to him with their fines and he would say that he was driving the vehicle at the and thus allowing the owner and driver of the vehicle to get away with the offence completely free. Jeffrey Stott was only caught when the Greater Manchester Police began an investigation into this when staff at the ticket office noticed the amount of fines being sent to one person.

This may not be the end of the matter as there are drivers looking to take this up with the European Court of Human Rights.

Speeding to Jail!

Beat The Speed Camera!

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