Spy shots: 2014 Hyundai Genesis Caught Testing for the First Time

Hyundai Genesis

First details on a second generation Hyundai Genesis surfaced at the beginning of the year, but since then nothing else was reported. At least not until today when our spy photographers caught the 2014 Genesis testing for the first time somewhere on the streets of Europe. The prototype caught testing is heavily camouflaged, but we can still see that things with the next Genesis are looking pretty awesome.

The model — codenamed "DH" — will be built on an updated version of the current rear-wheel-drive chassis minus a few hundred pounds. Hyundai will also add a revised suspension for a sportier drive. Under the hood, we will see updated versions of the 3.8-liter V-6 and 5.0-liter V-8 engines combined with an 8-speed transmission. Hyundai is also preparing a 10-speed transmission for a later model year.

On the exterior the next Genesis will look a little bit more dramatic than the current Genesis sedan. Up front we will see a wide, hexagonal grille opening, featuring horizontal grille bars. The headlamps will also be redesigned and they will offer full LED units.

The second generation Genesis will be unveiled sometime in 2013, with sales to begin as a 2014 model year.


Well, anyway looks better than older models. they have evolved in this area and I hope to continue

I wonder if the design will be different or not? I personally do not really like them

so many speeds, 3 of which no owner will use!

10 speed is probably designed to deliver improved fuel efficiency and smooth gear changing.

10 speeds is 1-2 gears more than any car needs, at least, this is how i see things..

10speed...hahaha!!! like it gonna improve acceleration...smiley

they axe the 3.8 GDI? I can see the 3.3T GDI being more powerful than the 3.8 GDI

10 speed? are you kidding me?!

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