Spy Shots: 2014 Jaguar XFR-S Plays with its XKR-S brethren

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Our spy photographers were hanging around Jaguar’s test center near the Nurburgring when in the midst of all the XFR models driving around, they came across the vehicle seen in these spy shots. This may look like a standard XFR, but upon closer inspection, we think this is actually a test mule for the XFR-S model previously confirmed by Jaguar’s Global Brand Director, Adrian Hallmark.

This test mule may be missing some special body parts to distinguish it as the XFR-S, but its track looks a bit wider and it is already sporting the wheels found on the XKR-S . Our proof, however, is in the pudding and that’s the sound escaping from the exhaust. The test mule is currently being tested with the XKR-S Convertible prototype and the sounds the car is emitting are nowhere near the standard XFR’s at the same test center. The throttle response on this test mule is also very quick when the driver floors it, which can only be explained by the presence of the future XFR-S model’s 550 HP engine borrowed from the XKR-S.

Jaguar is getting ready to play in the family sports car segment and we’d love to be there when the Audi RS6 , BMW M5 , and Mercedes E63 AMG experience the competition firsthand.


Well, the car has an impressive styling. Although it is simple, that simplicity makes the car look neat and interesting. I think this test mule will become one of the most interesting cars in the next two years.

Most likely, the car would be similar to the face of its predecessor. The engine performance of the car is quite impressive. Plus, I think the detailing look so sporty.

haha. I just remember a comment about a full black paint for a certain car. They mistaken the vehicle to be a drug dealer car!For me, I don’t like this color for it doesn’t emphasize the details of the car though it look so elegant.

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