Spy Shots: 2014 Lexus IS Continues Testing

Lexus IS

The second generation Lexus IS was unveiled in 2005 and has been on sale ever since with only a minor refresh in 2009. If Lexus wants to keep up with the Audi A4 , BMW 3-Series , and Mercedes C-Class , they really needed to offer a change for their luxury sedan. These spy images show that the change is well on its way as the third generation IS has been caught testing again somewhere in Europe. This time, though, the new prototype has been caught with less cammo than before.

The new Lexus IS will be built on a shortened version of the GS platform and, while its overall dimensions don’t appear to be changing, Lexus will focus on reducing the car’s total weight by as much as possible.

On the exterior, the new IS will follow the same direction as the new GS and LS models and will adopt the company’s new spindle grille.

The sedan version is set to be unveiled sometime in 2013. It will be followed by a convertible version and a high powered IS-F version one year later.


let’s hope the lexus will be modern enough to compete with the other cars in it’s class. but then again, why wouldn’t it be?

it would be great for them it this one was cheaper than it’s competitors. but we all know that’s not going to happen.

i think this lexus will be a worthy adversary to audi, bmw and mercedes. especially if they come up with another hybrid version, which they will.

i like the fact that they test this car in europe. after all, it is aimed at the european market.

brad, the "heavy cammo" includes other plastic or leather parts that fully mask the design elements.

i think it was about time lexus updated their IS model.

they call this "less cammo" ??

hmm, the hybrid option is one to consider if it really reduces the fuel consumption.

i think the lexus is a less main stream choice, but a good one.

well, because japanese cars are good. that, and the fact that lexus has hybrid models.

why would one have the lexus instead of the audi, bmw or mercedes?

i think the lexus is is a good car. luxurious and reliable.

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