Spy Shots: 2014 Mini Countryman Coupe caught testing for the first time

Mini Paceman

Mini has a knack for developing vehicles that are as appealing to the market as donuts are to our boys in blue. This is evident in the fact that all of their models have been well-received by all, production as well as concept versions. Now, the company is adding another ace in the hole with a production version of the Paceman Concept unveiled at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show. The model will be sold as a coupe version of the Countryman and has just been caught testing for the first time. The new Countryman Coupe will be making its world debut at the 2012 Paris Auto Show and will be sold on the US market as a 2014 model.

The Countryman Coupe will feature the same technologies and engines as the standard Countryman, which means it will get a 122 HP 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine for the standard model and a turbocharged variant with 184 HP for the S version. Customers will be able to choose between both a six-speed manual or an automatic transmission. We just hope that Mini will also bring out a JCW Countryman Coupe .


It’s only great in terms of appearance.

As we can see, the main focus of the camouflage is the rear part. What could be the specific changes?

It must have impressed plenty of onlookers already.

Why was Mini being so secretive about the details of the Countryman Coupe?

Too bad that the details aren’t full though.

Wow, finally there’s some leakage on the countryman. Well, I do hope that they can still upgrade its specifications.

I guess it wasn’t giving its best at that performance.

The camouflage seems useless, to be honest. This is like a petite-looking classic car with an unbelievable cabin size.

I am wondering as to why it can’t be able to give a full performance based on the figures; has it been limited?

Why does its force seem to be a little low on power? I think its engine is as dynamic as the others though.

Unlike all the other models with similar qualities of appearance and performance, this seems to be the total opposite. What’s important is under its hood because its external look isn’t actually stylish.

The paint job of its exterior makes it seem a bit old-fashioned. The design is the trademark of Mini so it’s stylish on its own.

The appearance of this Countryman Coupe tells otherwise of its performance.

Oh, this is new? From the looks of it, it seems to be even older than the other Mini innovations.

Coming from the Mini family, of course I instantly fell for its trademark look. However, I honestly think that this is far by the most plain of all Mini’s products. On the other hand, it’s been equipped with a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine that can unleash ponies of 122, which I guess is dynamic enough for a coupe.

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