Spy Shots and Videos: Mercedes MLC Caught on Public Roads

Looks like we’ve got some up-close and personal spy shots of the upcoming Mercedes-Benz MLC-Class , thanks to an emboldened shooter in Stuttgart, Germany. The pair of videos show some rather telling details of the coupe-like SUV as the videographer encircles the vehicle.

Up front, we see a huge Mercedes star with large chrome bars emanating sideways toward the nearly covered LED headlights. A rather aggressive front bumper indicates the MLC’s sporty nature. Rising up from those headlights is a striking beltline that curves dramatically upward to meet the high rear end and low roofline contour. The side windows are smaller than a traditional SUVs’ as the roof is very rounded. Down low, flat side steps run between the wheel wells for ease of entry and exit.

On the back, the rear window seems nearly flat as it leads from the roof down to the trunk lid. Three-dimensional taillights can be seen, despite Mercedes’ best attempts with swirly camo. The right-hand-side fuel-filler door can also be seen. Twin chrome exhausts tips are just barely visible along the rear bumper’s lower fascia.

And speaking of those exhaust tips, at about 20 seconds into the 50-second video, you can hear what almost sounds like a turbo four-cylinder as the MLC accelerates off. Sadly, there are too many other ambient noises around to get a clear sound of what powers the upcoming Mercedes.

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Spy shots

Mercedes-Benz MLC
Mercedes-Benz MLC
Mercedes-Benz MLC

Spy Videos

2015 Mercedes MLC - rendering

Mercedes-Benz MLC

Why It Matters

With the BMW X6 and X4 leading the way in the SUV-coupe category, Mercedes has a lot of ground to make up. Despite the X6 being out for a number of years, Mercedes hasn’t really tried competing with it, until now. What this means is Mercedes will obviously attract more buyers and could possibly steal away sales from BMW . With brand loyalty playing a big part in what vehicle people choose, this opens up the door for the Mercedes faithful to get into the sportier SUV-coupes as BMW fanboys have done since 2008.

What is your take?

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