Spy Shots: Audi Q5 facelift shows off its white side

Audi Q5

The Q5 is about to receive an update, just like all of the other models in the Audi line-up, and that new facelift version of the SUV has been caught testing yet again during these fierce winter conditions. The prototype now has a white exterior paint finish, but our spy photographers were also able to get close enough to take a picture of the interior for the first time. The interior is fully covered which can only mean that it will get a major refresh.

As far as the exterior is concerned, the Audi Q5 facelift will receive a new hexagon grille and added chrome around the air intakes in the front bumper, even though they are black on this prototype. Changes to the technical parts of the SUV will include new electromechanical steering, new damper settings, and a revised rear suspension.

The current Q5 is only being offered with one gasoline engine and two TDI units, but expect to see a few more changes under the hood when the facelift arrives on the market in 2013.


They should have changed the color. Because of that, it looks untouched and sloppy.

What’s new? The facelift version is still as boring as ever.

I was already contented with the old Q5. As for this one, I’ve been wanting interior comfort and luxury.

Audi is bad with facelifts though. I hope this one will turn out good.

I think the white color is not attractive for its figure, as you can barely see the changes that have happened.

I don’t think Audi has put much effort on their facelifts. They need to do better; I’m beginning to think they’re only doing it to hype up people.

I’m not impressed on the facelifts it got. I want the engine details and the drive ability as well as the comfort it gives while driving. 

Is there something interesting about this car? I hope there is, aside from the fact that it got a facelift.

The enhancement that is mentioned in the article is worth waiting. I will keep myself updated on this one.

Eh, but it still looks plain. I hope its interior would have a major makeover.

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