Spy Shots: Audi Q6 caught during cold weather testing

Audi Q6

After BMW dropped the X6 onto the market, plenty of other automakers announced plans to bring out competitors suited to take it on and Audi is one of them. Their new Q6 has already been confirmed by Walter de’ Silva, Design Boss at Audi’s parent Volkswagen Group. He confirmed that the company is already working on the new model and now there is a new set of spy shots to prove it. A mule of the upcoming Q6 has been spotted during cold weather testing in Northern Scandinavia.

The Audi Q6 will be based on the Q5 platform, but it will be both longer and wider - making for a more powerful presence. The new Q6 will be placed between the current Q5 and the Q7 and will be offered with a variation of gas and diesel engines, plus a hybrid option as seen in the Cayenne. Audi will also be offering an RS version powered by a turbocharged 4.0L V8 engine.

The Audi Q6’s official debut is expected to be made sometime in 2014.


Powerful modification is greatly needed to achieve the best results. This one successfully passed the test during the winter season. It’s one great plan ahead of Audi. 

I have no doubts about its specifications, but I hope it will get a redesign.

Hmmm.. The statements sound very convincing, but I still have yet to see it.

I anticipate this to be dynamic as it is testing in such a weather.

Audi should establish partnership with other parties too. That way, this Q6 will perhaps get a more powerful modification later.

That sounds awesome. They have so many plans for Q6; however, I still remain stoic about its appearance.

I want a hybrid version of this. Nonetheless, all the other versions seem promising!

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