Spy Shots: BMW 4-Series Gran Coupe out for its first testing session

BMW 4 Series Gran Coupè

There have been many speculations about the future existence of the Gran Coupe version of the upcoming 4-Series , but now there’s confirmation in the form of its very first testing session. This prototype was initially thought to be a 3-Series GT , but after a closer look, it was obvious that this is indeed the future 4-Series GranCoupe - codenamed F36.

As these spy shots reveal, the lower front end is similar to the one seen in the 4-Series Coupe , while the roof line is lower and the trunk is different. The next 4-Series will feature the lowest and sleekest roofline, followed by the slightly taller F30 sedan, and then the GT.

When compared to the F30 sedan, the 4-Series Gran Coupe will get a few centimeters added to its overall length. The model will top the 3-Series /4-Series range just as the 6-Series Gran Coupe does for the 5-Series /6-Series range. Like the 6 Series Gran Coupe, the 4-Series Gran Coupe will be the flagship of the non-M series line and will be priced accordingly.

Like the 6-Series Gran Coupe , the 4-Series Gran Coupe will combine the convenience of a 4-door model (and larger rear passenger cabin) with the sleek roofline and silhouette of a coupe. Its design language and engine line-up will be shared with the upcoming 4-Series coupe.

Expect to see the new BMW 4-Series Gran Coupe launched sometime in 2013.


The result of the test is great! I hope they could present it well on some Auto and Motor shows.

Is this testing finally over ? Aw, am I too late ?

I can’t believe that they actually started testing this car.

BreakingDawn: Me too, I want to watch the first testing of this car so that I can say whether this car is great or not.

Is there a video of this testing ? I really want to watch it.

I was wondering if the testing are successful? I’ve been reading a lot of article about it, but no one said about the result.

@Sohuja_Toyota: Yes. They did another test. But I forgot where they did the testing.

They should do another test and let people watch it so that they can also decide whether this car can now be launch.

After this testing, did they do another test?

TI heard that the testing is great. The Car’s engine is working properly.

I wonder if it is already on a good fortune to launch this at this time where countries in Europe and US is on recession and China slowdown.

I wonder if they saw something bad on this Gran Coupe when they first test it.

What are the result of testing this Gran Coupe? Is it already good to be launch?

Wow. Finally ! They did a test on this car. I’ve been waiting like forever but im glad that they already did it.

I was expecting that the first testing session will be on the last quarter of the year, but not right now.

I’m surprise about this news. I know that there are major testing schedules for this Gran Coupe.

This is an early surprise for us to have a news regarding the testing of the Gran Coupe. So I hope the performance will be responsive on the driver and stable.

It ’s good to see that the 4-series will be on its first testing session.

It ’s going to feature lowest and sleekest roofline, with the slightly taller F30 sedan, and the GT.

Your honor I object to this being called anything other than a sedan. It has four doors not two, therefore it does not qualify as a "coupe". Put an end to this kind of labeling, just except you built another sedan and stop with the Gran coupe nonsense.

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