Spy Shots: Mercedes S-Class Coupe Caught Up Close

Mercedes S-Class Coupe

Just yesterday we brought you thefirst spy shots of the upcomingcoupe version of the next-generation Mercedes S-Class . Now the car was taken out for another testing session and our spy photographers were there to catch it again. When compared to the images we brought you yesterday, the ones from today show some close-up images of the car.

As you can see, the S-Class Coupe is wearing an impressive amount of camouflage, but still it is pretty easy to notice the CL-Class’ replacement will be one of the most impressive models offered by Mercedes in years.

The car is features a stunning shape with a wide and muscular body, and the rear lights placed horizontally for an even wider impression.

The coupe version will be built on the same platform as the next-generation S-Class and will be offered with the same drivetrains and technology features as its sedan brother.

Expect the new S-Class Coupe to be unveiled at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show.


It is a good thing that Mercedes S Class Coupe has been caught up close. It seems nice that the exterior has a stunning shape with a muscular body, and the rear lights. The color is not impressive. Maybe they should stick with the usual colors for the car.

i would love to testdrive this awesomeness! If my friends would ever see me driving this, I’m pretty sure they will envy me for life!

I really don’t get it..how can a car be considered ’more muscular’? However, this car is really bright

For the first time in my whole life, I can say that some paparazzi made a great job, ha haaaa

Mercedes never disappointed me.I can recognize one of its cars even underneath such a nice cover, and unexpected

I fell in love with those artsy graphisms! It gives this Mercedes a more cool and younger look

As I can see, in the last four or five years Mercedes is working hard on the designs of its cars

S-Class is the best!They have great engines, good designs and comfortable interiors

God, how I love to see this paparazzi like pictures of the cars!It’s sort of a strange voyeurism smiley) hahaha

It’s the first time I get to see that Mercedes is going to keep one great car for the Geneva Auto Show in 2014

Dudes, how can you call that a camouflage?Really? It’s easy to notice what car hides behind those graphisms

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