Spy Shots: Mercedes Viano goes through another round of testing

Mercedes Viano/Vito

The upcoming Mercedes Viano has been caught testing again in the snowy condition of North Sweden, but this time the prototype has switched from a white exterior paint finish to a black one. The new Viano will come as a competitor for models like the Volkswagen Multivan/Caravelle, so expect it to have more of a car feeling as opposed to feeling like a transporter.

As previously reported, the new Viano will feature a raised hood and a bigger grille - signs for the addition of new engines and cooling systems. It has been rumored that Mercedes will be offering an AMG version, but we won’t be able to confirm this until 2013-2014 when the new Viano debuts.

The Mercedes Viano will also be offered in a new Vito version - the transporter version. Some rumors even say that the new Viano/Vito will be offered in the US, joining the Sprinter that is already sold here.


Viano should have run with its final look exposing too.

They should have just taken off its camouflage completely.

Well, nothing to say since it’s heavily camouflage. I’m hoping that there is a surprise revelation of its exterior before the launch. 

Upon the removal of its camouflage, I really wish it has at least one outstanding part on its exterior.

It doesn’t look as stable and sleek as the others. Maybe some other time, it will get better.

The looks captivated me in a sort of negative way. Although it is looking good, I can’t help but feel it is lacking in something.

It will be more attractive with additional details! Oh well, it’s still on a testing; they still have time to improve it.

I agree that if they’re going to change the rims, it will be more attractive. Add up some details too.

It is much better if they’re going to change the wheels. Even if it is on camouflage, nothing looks special.

Lala_Roux, that is very true. The revealed parts, especially the wheels, aren’t really flattering.

SSCTuatra, it’s in a camouflage. I wonder how the removal of it would make difference as its built is too common.

In my honest opinion, this looks sloppy and cheap, particularly the paint job and the wheels. It appears to be not sturdy too.

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