Spy Shots: New Mercedes C-Class Drops Some Cover

Mercedes C-Class

This winter, we have brought you tons of spy shots showing upcoming models testing in cold weather. Today, Mercedes took out two of its upcoming models out for a little play in the snow. The first is thenext generation C-Class , which continues to drop of its camouflage.

The next C-Class will take its design inspiration from the F800 Concept Car, which was shown two years ago at the Geneva Motor Show, with a more marked front grille. Still, you should expect more of an evolution than a revolution, because according to Mercedes, its customers will still need to be able to recognize the model.

The new C-Class will be offered with updated version of the current petrol and diesel engines. A hybrid version will be offered for the first time.

The new generation Mercedes C-Class will be unveiled in early 2014. The sedan version will be followed by a station wagon version, a coupe and a convertible.


It is good to see that the car manufacturers are making sure that their cars could endure the snowy road and the cold weather. I love the fact that they are going to make a hybrid version of this car but I hope it will be affordable.

I love them cause a hybrid version will be offered for the first time to this model.

I do not find them so charismatic as they used to be. Maybe is just me..

Mercedes, allways a classy, right?smiley

It is a pity that we don’t have informations about the engine, power etc.

station wagon version, a coupe and a convertible and sedan versions - all kinds for everybody.

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