Spy Shots: Volkswagen Golf R Variant Caught Testing At Nurburgring

If you listened to the Episode 004 of the TopSpeed Podcast , you’ll know that we all love the idea of Volkswagen creating a Golf R Wagon. While there are plenty of questions we don’t have answers to - will it be sold in the US, will it get more power to make up for the extra weight, will it even be affordable, etc. – one thing is certain, Volkswagen is making sure it will be blast to drive.

Just after we got our first spy shots of the Golf R Wagon sitting still, we now have photos of Volkswagen blasting this thing around the Nurburgring. Yes, that Nurburgring . Talk about having confidence in your cars.

If you missed the first post, the new Golf R Wagon will essentially just be a stretched version of the new Golf R . That means it gets motivation from a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine that is good for about 300 horsepower, and power is sent to all four wheels through Volkswagen’s trick Haldex-based AWD system.

Be careful not to drool on your keyboard. We hear it can cause electrical issues.

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Spy Shots

Volkswagen Golf R Variant
Volkswagen Golf R Variant
Volkswagen Golf R Variant

The Golf R Wagon , or Golf R Variant as it will likely be called in Europe is basically a "parts-bin" car. It just takes the Golf R Drivetrain and puts into the shell of the Golf Wagon.

This simple fact gives it hope for U.S. release, as it will not cost VW very much money to bring it stateside, but with a market extremely small for this type of vehicle, it still may not make financial sense.

The Mk VII Golf family, including the R, makes use of the all-new MQB construction platform and new engines. The current Mk VI golf uses a 2.0-liter turbo, but it is only rated for 256 horsepower, while the revised engine in the Mk VII is being quoted at 290 to 300 horsepower depending on application.

Sounds like a party to us.

Current Golf R

Volkswagen Golf R
Volkswagen Golf R

What is your take?

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