Spyker makes bid to purchase Saab

Koenigsegg’s sudden decision to drop out of purchasing Saab from General Motors has opened the doors for at least four different investment groups to purchase the floundering Swedish brand, which, incidentally, has not posted a profit for the past seven years. One of the potential buyers of Saab is the Dutch supercar manufacturer Spyker , which, together with its parent company, Converse Bank of Russia, has posted a bid to purchase Saab.

Unlike Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Co – who only seems interested in Saab’s 9-3 and 9-5 sedans – Spyker is looking at purchasing the whole Saab brand with an eye towards further developing the 9-4X crossover, as well a using Saab’s technology to further develop its own crossover, the D12 Peking-to-Paris .

In addition to Spyker and BAIH, Merbanco Inc. and Renco Group Inc. are also in the running to purchase Saab from General Motors.

Source: Autonews


We couldn’t deny the fact that Spyker is a nice car..

well saab motors are one of the best in vehicle industry no wonder spyker will have their interest in buying it..

I don’t know about it coz’ a lot of rumors on Spyker are all negative that the cars they’re producing was not very appealing. Also the market value of Spyker is not the high as the Koenigsegg that pull up some good stuff on Saab but seems the competition is that hard so they’ll need to think of drastic solution to auction Saab.

Well Spyker makes the most out of it and seems like Saab may have a good owner by working out all the modifications if Spyker will win on this bidding. Definitely one of the best car I’ve ever seen and also have interest of searching whose the highest bidder of this car.

It is very nice that there is someone interested with Saab, now we are sure that their car designs won’t go to waste. If Spyke and Saab will come into emergence, more prettier designs will be made. And I thinks, Spyke can really help restore Saab’s cars, especially with the Saab 9-4x.

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