Spyker May Unveil a Porsche 911 Competitor in Geneva

In the past two years Spyker has skipped one of the most important auto show: Geneva Motor Show. A recent interview with Spyker Boss, Victor Muller, suggests that the company has prepared something big for the 2013 Geneva Auto show. Muller said in the interview with Telegraaf "Ik zeg niets, anders dan dat het je zal verrassen," which loosely translates to "I say nothing, other than that it will surprise you."

Rumors have been circulating the automotive realm about Spyker developing a 911 rival, but nothing has ever been confirmed. Could this big surprise be that rumor coming true? Well, let’s hope so!

Sources suggest that this rumored sports coupe will be the smallest and cheapest model in the company’s lineup, but it will be easily identified as a Spyker model.

It seems that in the past few months it’s been a popular trend to announce models that will target Porsches. The latest one comes from Caterham , which will target the Cayman .

Full details on Spyker’s new model will be unveiled during its official debut in Geneva. Stay tuned!

Source: Telegraaf


Although the Spyker will certainly looks good, a Porsche 911 competitor seems difficult to find. But I hope they will be able to successfully compete with the car. Meanwhile, Spyker’s sport car sounds promising with its smallest and cheapest model rumor.

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