Spyker works on C8 Spyder GT2 for China

After Lamborghini unveiled the MurciƩlago LP 670-4 SuperVeloce China Limited Edition , Spyker decided that it was high time to announce its plans to unveil a road going version of their GT2 sports car specifically for the Chinese market. The official debut is expected to be made this October.

The production version will be longer, wider, and, more importantly, more comfortable for the driver. Also, like the Lamborghini model, the future Chinese edition of theC8 Spyder GT2 will feature specific design elements, both inside and out. The engine will also get an upgrade, making it more suitable for day to day driving.

Next to this, Spyker also has plans for a four-door model set to be released in 2013. No doubt, this will compete with models like the Porsche Panamera , Jaguar XF , and the cheaper Passat CC .

As China is about to become the largest automotive market in the world, get used to seeing these kind of "special edition models" more often now.


Are you serious about that?I haven’t heard that there are banning of cars in China. If its true then we have to check it carefully, and it’ll just a waste of time for the manufacturer. Right?

Call it the Chinese edition, Dubai edition, whatever...the only regions that would buy such an ugly car.

well good thing that this car is legal to the street of china...

Saw this on Saturday driving to the holding area in Pebble Beach. It has great presence and an amazing noise from the Audi V8.

nice, another car specially made for china. i guess it’s GPS is already transalated to mandarin.

another special edition for china? I bet many other country is now getting jealous with china.


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