SRT Barracuda will replace the Challenger SRT8

SRT Barracuda

Chrysler’s Viper conversion from Dodge to the new SRT name wasn’t going to venture down the new path on its own. Rumors have been floating around that the company was also reviving the "Barracuda " name as a replacement for the current Dodge Challenger , but Automotive News is adding a side note to those rumors.

Turns out, the Challenger will be replaced with the Barracuda, but not entirely. The SRT Barracuda will take the place of the Challenger SRT8, but the standard Challenger will maintain its branding. This coincides with SRT’s goal of only producing high-performance sports cars; the 305 HP Challenger doesn’t quite fit the bill.

The future Dodge Challenger will be entering its new generation in 2015, so we’ll see the SRT Barracuda around the same time. The new Barracuda will be built on an entirely new platform and will be powered by a new 6.2-liter supercharged V-8 that will debut in 2014.


I’m not a fan of Barracuda but when I saw it’s performance on the race, you can now consider me as one of it’s fans.

When I watch the competition, I wasn’t expecting that the Barracuda will won it.

@Sohuja_Toyota : That is not a humor because Barracuda really won the challenge.

I think its a really good choice to replace SRT8 to Barracuda because Barracuda is much better than the SRT8.

I don’t know if the humor is true. They said that the barracuda really won the competition. It must be devastating to it’s competitors.

I’ve heard that Barracuda won the challenge. Is this true ?

Im new here. Is Barracuda more powerful than SRT8 ?

I think its a really good choice to replace SRT8 to Barracuda because Barracuda is much better than the SRT8.

Oh, I love the design of the head gear of this car.

I wonder why they replace the SRT8 to Barracula ?

Look at the coolest features showed by the SRT8. You can be totally starstruck by its mind blowing performance.

Yeah, I’m aware of the powerful engine that the body and chassis can’t handle it swiftly.

Barracuda will be more sexier if they will replace the Challenger SRT8.

Competing with the mustangs and muscle cars needs to be sure about their ponies power relative to the body and chassis. Some of the powerful engines can’t carry well out the body leading into a serious problem.

That’s good news. I hope that Chrysler puts the challenger on a diet and beefs up the engine offerings to be more competitive with the ’stang and camaro. Hopefully those same things apply to the Charger as well.

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