SSC Ultimate Aero II - first details revealed

When Bugatti unveiled the Veyron 16.4 Super Sport , Shelby Supercars announced it will not enjoy the title of the fastest car in the world for a very long time as the American company has plans to bring a new generation Ultimate Aero . Compared to the current Aero, the future model will come with a more aggressive design and a sportier look.

There are no official details yet on the car’s specifications, but as it is expected to brake the current 267 mph record, it will be lighter and more powerful than the car it replaces. The current SSC Ultima Ultima te Aero is powered by a mid-engined, twin-turbo 6.2-liter V8 engine that delivers a total of 1183 HP and is capable of hitting a top speed of 256 mph. So, we expect the new supercar to deliver somewhere between 1,300 and 1,400 HP.

Stay tuned! Official details will be revealed on September 8th!

Source: Jalopnik


True, good aerodynamics essential.

Have you ever heard of aerodynamics? A Gumpert Apollo weighs 2600lbs at a dead stop. At 190mph it weighs 5200lbs. An old Porsche weighed 2800lbs at a dead stop and at 140mph weighed about 800lbs.

Why? Aerodynamics.

Besides, the friction caused by 1000lbs more force on the tires is nothing compared to aero drag.

Heavier car puts more weight on the tires and they press against the road harder which creates more friction between the tires and the road... yes, weight does affect the top speed. also depends on the road condition and tire pressure.

The 2007 Ultimate Aero had 1183hp and hit only 257 because it didn’t have enough room to accelerate. Had it had enough room it would have matched the Veyron SS top speed. The 2010 Ultimate Aero has 1287hp and less drag.

By the way, weight doesn’t affect top speed.

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