SSC Ultimate Aero makes appearance at Dubai Motor Show

The bi-annual Dubai Motor Show is now in full gear and one of the first cars that are taking center-stage is the ultra-slick and mind-numbingly fast SSC Ultimate Aero . Considered as one of the fastest production cars on the face of the earth, the Shelby SuperCars -created Ultimate Aero boasts of a 0-60 mph time of just 2.78 seconds and predictably with that blistering speed comes a pretty steep price tag in the region of $740,000. What’s even more special with this particular Ultimate Aero that’s turning heads left and right at the Dubai Dubai Motor Show is the fact that it comes with a set of one-piece all-carbon-fiber wheels, making the already drool-worthy car that much more salivating.

SSC Ultimate Aero makes appearance at Dubai Motor Show

And let’s not forget, this is Dubai. With the influx of supercars growing exponentially in the region in the past few years, it’s not a far-fetched idea to think that the Ultimate Aero will be burning out the streets of this supercar-laden country in the coming years.

Here’s to hoping the prospective drivers treat this bad boy with the utmost care it rightfully deserves.

Source: Jalopnik


Agreed that weight of the car really matters for it depends on the speed performance of the car. However, the good thing about this production version is that it has an impressive power just like the fastest car in the industry – the Bugatti.

The styling of the car is sporty and aggressive with its paint job and modified specs. And also its quite faster in terms of 0-60 mph. I bet this kind of car is just like a hotcakes in Dubai.

When talking about the fastest super car. We have to consider the Veyron though. It’s called the fastest legal super car.

weight is everything. Its a limiter on how fast is the car can get to its top speed. Speed and torque are two different that is important in order to sale a car.

I’ve seen a Benz, shiny black one, and that is even more cooler than this one, but I didn’t say is not good in fact this one too is good looking.

Shoot that car with cool adjectives. That is a very good looking car I adore that boy doors. It is above the fantastic level.

It will really get the interest of the spectators on that car show where you will place this car on the center stage which I think it’s a great choice to make the people "salivating" on how beautiful and powerful this car is. No doubt that the review on this car will be good.

This SSC car really turns me on by means of the sprint time of this one "2.78 seconds" that’s damn great. Of course shame on me because it’s a supercar so expected that the speed is the "forte" of this type of car. Also the price is very reasonable coz’ I’m expecting to be a million bucks.

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