SSC Ultimate Aero to be sold in India

There are things in life that, no matter how hard we try, just don’t mix. Hamburgers and wine. Conan O’Brien and slasher movies. Super cars and Third World countries. The last one is worth noting because one of the world’s fastest vehicles – the Ultimate Aero – is somehow making its way to India. Yes, that India.

The Aero’s manufacturer, Shelby Super Car (SSC) will be releasing the car in Mumbai sometime in the coming months, making it the third market after the US and Russia where the Aero will be exclusively sold. The car is expected to go on sale for over Rs 6 crore, which in US dollars would amount to around $1.2 million, thereby making it the most expensive car ever to be sold in the country.

Now forgive us for being sceptical about this but can you imagine the Ultimate Aero, with its maximum speed of 413 kmh, blasting through the tight and bustling streets of India?

Neither can we.

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Source: India Times

But despite our reservations, there are a number of car analysts that see the move as an exciting opportunity for SSC to conquer new territories, so to speak. “Sales of super luxury cars are on the rise in emerging economies such as China and India. These are seen as stable markets for such cars,” one of them said.

We don’t disregard the fact that there are a lot of filthy rich people in India that can probably afford to buy more than just one Aero. There was even a report filed by Merrill Lynch Capgemini saying that India is the hotbed for upstart young millionaires and – coincidence or not – luxury cars have become the fastest selling auto segment in the country.

Then again, who are we to judge where the Ultimate Aero is going to be shipped. If some rich young buck in India wants to buy the car, then more power to him. We just hope that he takes really good care of it.


It’s a surprise to see this come out in production because I only used to see it as a toy.

Perhaps this will be well-received as it is astounding, but I doubt its sales will be high. Indians consume purposeful vehicles more.

How much did they sell this car? And how fast can it be driven by a regular driver? I guess if an ordinary driver manipulates this, it will be a total wreck because they may get involved in an accident.

I thought I’ll never see one of these again nowadays. I remember that I had a die cast model of this car long ago from Matchbox.

I haven’t heard any recent news from the SSC Ultimate Aero. Are they still alive? Thought, Ultimate Aero has a wonderful performance that can be line up with the Ferrari and Lambo.

This car looks like its straight out of the 90’s and that interior.

Way to categorize an entire country. I might as well say, why sell foreign cars in america, all americans want U.S. muscle. Completely untrue

Pardon me, but no can dare to call INDIA a 3rd world country.

Indians are topping the world in every avenue. You are very badly informed.

Recently, an Indian, Mr. Ambani topped the Forbe’s list of the worlds richest men, and many others were included in top 50.

Even more recently, it was India’s moon mission that discovered water on the moon surface.

You’ll find scores of such examples.

And I wish to remind you that Jaguar and Land Rover too are owned by Tata Motors (an Indian company).

There are practical people here that buy small cars, but there is no shortage of super rich people in India.

who will buy this in india. indians prefer to buy small cars n cheap cars

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