"Star of India" Rolls Royce sells for 'dirt-cheap' $850,000

It’s not often that a car sells for $850,000 and gets considered one of the biggest bargains in automotive history. But if the car in question is the famed “Star of India” – it’s a one-off 1934 Rolls Royce Phantom II 40/50 HP Continental All-Weather Convertible – then you kind of understand why that selling price is ridiculously cheap for this car.

You see, this car is one of the rarest vehicles in the world, which gained notoriety when the Maharaja of Rajkot had it built with some pretty fancy coachwork made by Thrupp and Maberley and finished with saffron ochre and polished aluminum wings.

About a year ago, the car was on sale for an eye-popping €10 million – that’s about $14 million based on current exchange rates. After making its way to a number of auctions, the rare Rolls Royce was finally snagged for a ‘paltry’ $850,000 by an Indian man who – get this – turned out to be one Mandhatasinh Jadeja, a former prince of Rajkot and an actual grandson of the Maharajah. Turns out, Jadeja brought the “Star of India” Rolls Royce as a present to his father on his 75th birthday, effectively bringing the multi-million dollar Rolls Royce back to the family for the first time since the Maharajah sold it back in 1968.

We don’t have $850,000, but if we did and we found out that we could scoop up this car for that amount, we’d be running to the bank faster than a wasted teenager making a beeline for the bathroom. That’s how much of a bargain that price tag is. Of course, the fact that it ended up with its rightful owner does sort of bring a small tear to our eye, albeit a manly tear.

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Rolls Royce calls that cheap? Well at least there’s a price reduction.

You call that cheap? LOL. It seems like Rolls Royce has different standards in money. Anyway, you wouldn’t really expect that to sell for such an inexpensive price.

A classic car and the price is cheap!? If this is the Star of India, you won’t sell it for such a cheap price. Bidding is much better for this star; it deems a higher value.

It is rare to see vintage cars like this nowadays. This classic and unique design by Rolls Royce is labeled the “star of India”.

Rolls Royce is going for luxury cars locally and internationally. By looking at this vintage convertible, you will see that it didn’t lose it elegance.

Yes it is cheap for a vintage car. The design might not be impressive enough for some of us but hey, this kind of cars used to rule the road back then. So I think the price of $850,000 is not enough.

Yeah, the car doesn’t have an impressive styling but knowing that it is a vintage vehicle no wonder it has a higher price tag.

Really? The $850,000 price tag is cheap? Haha maybe for the wealthy folks. With its car brand now wonder why it has a million dollar price!

Wow! That’s sweet. i bet his a big fan of Roll Royce. But, as a normal person, I don’t understand why people spending almost $850,000 for this old car!

yeah, I agree with you. I don’t think that this car could run that smoothly..haha.. or I guess the bicycle is faster than this.

I’ve heard that this car was on sale for almost 10 million...what? 10 million?haha. I’d better choose the VW roadster .

Rolls-Royce is well known for high-end luxury automobiles like the Ghost and Phantom.

That’s how much of a bargain that price tag is. Of course, the fact that it ended up with its rightful owner does sort of bring a small tear to our eye, albeit a manly tear.

what? down int the world you call it cheap? $850,000 are you telling that $850,000 is not enough for this thing?

I bet this baby is one gas guzzler vehicle, with that type of engine I bet its piston is 2x larger than the regular one

yeah rare one, Its really hard to spot a car like this rolling on streets or museum. they made it very few... and most of them are in the junk yard.

agreem he auction this one, not only he can get a higher resale value but also he can sell it to a responsible collector.

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looks like Indiana Jones has left his car in india.. haha just kidding... $850,000? I would rather spent it on a super car like ferrari italia or lamboghini.. better yet the nissan GT-R and I got a lot of money to set my GT-R up to the Fullest.

what a great ride, I bet many collectors are craving to add this one on their archive, but Isn’t the price to high?

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