Stars in their Cars: Justin Bieber gets pulled over while driving his Ferrari 458 Italia

Even at an early age, Justin Bieber’s taste in cars is impeccable. Sure, he’s got the finances to buy just about whatever piece of automotive awesomeness he wants to call his own, but it’s still worth noting that “The Bieb” has a good idea of what cars are worth.

On the flip side, being famous doesn’t excuse you from abiding by the rules. Apparently, Bieber’s new ride, the Ferrari 458 Italia , drew plenty of attention recently and it’s not for the right reasons.

According to TMZ, JB was pulled over for making an unsafe left turn. Things were compounded when the police officer who stopped the artist discovered that his registration was expired. Talk about getting double a whammy.

We’re pretty sure that Bieber can pay for whatever amount the violation cost him. It just goes to show that even if you seemingly have the entire teenage girl population at your command, you’re still at the mercy of the long arm of the law.

Photo courtesy of Need via Celebrity Cars Blog

Source: TMZ


Thanks for sharing my photo I took at the Beverly Center. This photo requires proper attribution. Used without proper attribution. Kirby should know better. I guess I’ll have to put big fat ugly watermarks on my photos because people can’t follow simple rules. On the back of the Ferrari was a West Coast Customs license plate. Looked better in person.

HA, you guys are 100% correct, we misspelled his name. Thanks for catching that smiley. It’s been fixed.

even more counts because not any spoiled child should drive unconscious a powerful car

I do not know if he is major, but what matter if he can afford a Ferrari?!

How old is he anyway? because I’m not familiar with the subject ... Of course, besides the fact that I heard the name on the radio or tv

ha ha ha! you’re right! as if Ferrari would not be any young man option?

"Justin Beiber’s taste in cars is impeccable"... why? because he has a ferrari? only to me it seems a cliché?

certainly was a mistake of the editor because i assume that aren’t too many of Justin Beiber or Bieber on this world

perhaps have been deliberately written so smiley

aaa ... not Justin Bieber fan, but I think his name is Bieber, not Beiber...

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