Start Saving! Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 available as a preorder

In just a couple of months, the Geneva Motor Show doors will open and, rumors say, that is when we will be able to get our first actual glimpse of the Lamborghini LP700-4 Aventador . Truth be told, we already know a great deal about the car, but a little dose of visual reality is always necessary. It’s the whole "pinch us so we know we are not dreaming" scenario. Of course, knowing that the supercar is now available as a pre-order helps in that department as well.

AutoSalon Singen is currently marketing the pre-order Lamborghini Aventador with a price tag of 260,420 euro - that’s almost $350,000 at the current exchange rates (price without taxes). The model being offered is black on black, and comes with a long list of standard features including air conditioning, a navigation system, ABS anti-blocking system, multiple airbags, ESP, traction control, car computer, Euro 5 catalytic converter, xenon lights, automatic keyless go, ceramic brakes, rain sensor, lifting system, and iPod interface. The Aventador is powered by V12 engine with an impressive output of 700 HP and 690 NM of torque and is capable of hitting a top speed of 217 mph.

Need any more reasons to start saving for this supercar? We think not!


Its pricey but worthy! I like the features Aventador LP700-4. But i think there’s no sense to save now for I’m sure that this is already sold out by now!

Aventador is a bit underpriced for $300K. I bet as soon they add more specs they probably do the increase.

well good luck for you bro.. I hope your wife wont get mad at you. you save too much for the car. you should think of your family first before having it.

Bonuses, allowance and everyday overtime earning should be saved if you wanted to have one. hahaha even the 13th - 14th month pay should be saved also for the Fuel hahaha.

Lambo hasn’t allowed any instrumented testing on its prototypes yet—and it seems like the Aventador will tick all the boxes on the bleeding edge supercar checklist.

No doubt this will be an amazing car, as far as performance goes. Now let’s hope the looks can match other competitors.

Kudos to Lamborghini for staying strong and not falling to the downsizing/forced induction trend in the one car that matters.

I guess you should be into illegal industry for you to buy this baby cash on hand. just kidding. I agree on what you said.. you should have your own business.

jared I think bringing food in your office is not enough, you should have your own business or sideline to save more money and faster.

Dont it wont be enought

Preorder what? A photoshoped car? Does anyone know how how it will actually look? Any official photos?

definitely dude. this car is very rare and limited. so never hesitate to have this one. other wise you’ll regret it forever hahaha.

yes I guess it’s time for me to bring my own foods when going to my office to save a lot of money for this baby.

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