Stile Bertone Mantide spotted on the back of tow truck in Dubai

Supercars like the super-duper rare - only 10 were made, in case you didn’t know - Stile Bertone Mantide belong in the streets where they can flex their muscles and show off their unbelievable Corvette ZR1-based power. Where they don’t belong is on the back of a tow truck, which is exactly where this Mantide was spotted while on transit in Dubai.

Oddly enough, the Mantide was still sporting Massachusetts plates, which probably means that this is the very same Mantide that was sold for a bank-account torpedoing $1.95 million. Either way, we’re just hoping that the next time we catch this car on the road, it’s going to be while it zooms past just about every other car out on the highway.

Source: Jalopnik


nah what the heck is that rear end? yes it’s impressive but the rear end .

what the heck.. it almost reached the price of Veyron.. but for sure still the veyron reigns over the speed.

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