Strand Craft Limousine Beach Cruiser takes luxurious summer transportation to a new level

If you wanted an authority on luxury, you ought to be getting business cards from the people over at Strand Craft and Gray Design. You might remember these guys from their previous works, the 122 and 166 Super Yachts .

Today, they’ve revealed their latest masterpiece and while it’s not a yacht as were the previous two, the Limousine Beach Cruiser is still something else. Designed to be a shuttle service for the wealthy, the wealthier, and those that don’t know what to do with their money, the Limousine Beach Cruiser is the Rolls-Royce of resort transportation. As with the case with a lot of Gray Design’s works, the Limousine Beach Cruiser’s design is anything but traditional. It comes with a canvas roof, chromed hubcaps, and wooden inlays that combine luxury sophistication with invigorating feeling of summer freedom.

Likewise, the car’s interior has been luxed up to make the rich and fabulous feel right at home. It has an upholstery decked in Alcantara that’s set off with brushed aluminum and chrome accents on both the dashboard and center console. Further accents courtesy of Swarovski Crystal and watchmaker Breitling were added to take the lavishness up to another level. On top of that, the resort limo service vehicle also has a 15-speaker, 1,100-wait Naim audio system that’s powerful enough to keep the sound quality sharp and crisp even if the canvas roof was to be taken out of the equation.

As far as what’s under its hood, the Limousine Beach Cruiser comes with a 6.0-liter Chevrolet V8 engine that produces 400 horsepower, enough ponies to get its passengers to their destinations in as little time as possible.

We’re not exactly having aspirations of riding in one of these babies in the near future. We’re going to need to add a few more ‘zeroes’ to our bank accounts for that to happen, which in today’s world, is easier said than done.


This fresh concept is a good one. The feel of luxury and relaxation should go hand in hand after all. Have I mentioned its sleek performance?

I can say that this car is inspired by the looks of a yacht. It’s a nice shuttle service for the wealthy people to travel on the beach.

It’s a nice concept. This Limousine was very cozy. It’ll be perfect for hotels and restaurants. I’d love to see more of the interior details.

Just wanted to ask if this is really a Limousine? Cause from the looks of it is very much different from the usual limousine that I’m familiar with.

Another breakthrough on Limousine car collections, stylish, classy yet top of the line of HP and power steering. What a great summer vacation if you have this supreme car.

If I own one this car, I will not go outside. The car will be my house. This is purely luxury. If you transport using this, you will see their want to also have this one. I’m really amazed with the design.

I don’t think that this car would be in the production and I think its gas guzzler for a v8 technology, the 6 liter is too much. Although, it has a sporty look I don’t think that it would be the best option in the market.

I think the transparency is similar to BMW concept. And I don’t like it, it feels like no privacy at all. BTW, I was expecting that this car will have a less power than what was being said because its kind of heavy.

Yeah, you’re right. This car is pretty much useless. Though I like the idea of them using electric motors for it, I still don’t see the point of the whole body work.

it seems that I am the only one hating this car, it looks pretty ugly to me, and I don’t understand the point of having all those crystal inlays. Pretty arrogant display of wealth if you ask me.

Yeah, you have hit the right mark on that one, jay_walker. We can only dream about having this one. But with a good looking car such as this, it would be quite an enjoyable daydream.

So let’s face it guys, just like Ferrari, Strand Craft is really just for the big wigs. What we can do here is to simply marvel at their work and imagine that we can get them.

Well, the yacht that they work on would give you an idea of what they do for something special. We could even get hold of this car, much more of that one.

Interesting, they refer to this one as just a shuttle, meaning that it is a rather ordinary transport vehicle for them. So I can’t really imagine what they would come up with for something very special.

Yeah, same here. I have a trouble on their designs and I think the speed performance of this car is less powerful. The v8 technology that consume 6 liter and produced an output of 400 hp. hmm. No thanks!

If I’m not mistaken the Strand Craft has made a yacht for a super car,Honestly, I really can’t appreciate their designs its kind of odd for me.

That car so cool!, even a limousine wouldn’t be this nice nowadays. A wood like finish at the back with a touch aesthetics from in and the rest of the cars body.

Well, that’s the way it goes. The rich can pay for it, so companies will naturally come up with these things for them. And all we can do is drool smiley

Yet another one of those things that we can only drool and dream about. Sometimes, I really just can’t understand why they keep on making these things.

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