Subaru FT-86 sports car rendered

Everyone has played enough with the idea of the Toyota FT-86. We have all seen renderings of the future sportscar and have even been privy to a few rumors circulating, but were eventually squashed by Dr. Shigeyuki Hori, Project General Manager for the Sports Vehicle Management division and Kazuo Okino, Group manager for the same division. They state that the Toyota FT-86 will be ready by November 2011, and not the 2013 date that was rumored, and that it will be very close to the Toyota/Subaru concept version that debuted at the Tokyo Motor Show this year. Well, the fans have had it and now we are moving on to Subaru’s version of the FT-86 sports car which has managed to stay under the radar until now.

The two versions of the FT-86 will use similar technology since the concept was a collaboration between the two companies, but Subaru’s version, compared to the Toyota Toyota version, will be sportier and will develop much higher performance. The Subaru model will be powered by a naturally aspirated 2.0-liter flat four engine that will develop around 200 HP, however the STI version will use a turbocharged powerplant with around 260 HP. Both versions will use a six-speed manual gearbox. The two versions will be distinguished by bumpers, front grilles, and wheels.

The new sports car is already testing at the Nürburgring race track, so expect the official debut to occur sometime soon. When it does go on sale, prices will range from $30k to $40k.

Source: Autocar


The Subaru sports car is already very attractive on its sleek blue body paint and I must say that it looks so sporty on its design. I also notice that the wheels of this one, emphasized and adds more appeal to it.

This sports car of subaru is already striking and looking good on its sleek body paint and its gold wheels are really looks so cool, but I’m quite curious on what will be the interior of this one will look like.

Toyota: Try getting the damn FT-86 to production first before you start mucking with variants of it.

You clearly know nothing about manufacturing if there are variants to be made, they have to be designed into the platform now before the coupe comes out.

It’s like a mix of 350Z and a Toyota Mirage. Hard to describe but I like this car.

BMW 3 series rear end. I’m loosing faith in Subaru and Toyota. There is no REAL Impreza, and Toyota dropped all there Sports models. Now that they have come up with something, it looks ugly. Mitsubishi and Nissan are the only cool Japanese manufactures these days.

Toyota still has the highest reliability rating of any manufacturer, despite the recent recalls, which were pointless because there was nothing wrong with the cars.

Toyota can’t handle that much power? Have you ever heard of the LFA?

wow,nice looking car Subaru . To the other poster, I guess Toyota can not handle that much power l.

Lets face it, as it is now, most of Toyota’s regular cars are all pretty much plagued with recalls and reliability problems that bring down their cars values, I think it is very wise of Toyota to have a lower powered car then Subaru , so Toyota can make it reliable with out being plagued by recalls like rest of their cars are being plagued with.

Toyota I guess want to keep the training wheels on till their sure of this car that is shared with Subaru . Give it a few years and Toyota I bet will bring out a better car, they need this bad any ways with their Best sport offering so far being that god awful ugly 2011 scion tC.

The FT-86 could be the car to show buyers that toyota is trying to make good cars again, even if it starts with subarus help !

Why is Toyota allowing Subaru to release a higher-performance version of their own car? After the basic design and platform has been developed, the two companies should develop their own versions separately. Toyota needs to put the IS 350’s V6 into this car, with the tC’s 4-cylinder for the base model. Subaru should use the Legacy’s V6 and the Impreza’s 4-cylinder for their base model.

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