Subaru's version of the FT-86 Spied!

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Toyota got a lot of the spotlight when they first started talking about their version of the FT-86 because, well, they were the first ones of the Toyota/Subaru partnership to offer any details. Now, however, Subaru seems to be slipping in there to reveal a - some might call- better version of the FT-86. This version was just caught testing in Death Valley and, although little is known about the Subaru FT-86, we are liking the aggressive design the two door coupe is sporting.

The Subaru FT-86 will utilize a horizontal 2.0-liter four-cylinder motor customized with some modifications and turbocharging to produce around 250 horsepower. It will sit on a revised Legacy platform and will utilize the Impreza’s rear suspension. What may be a little surprising to Subaru fans is that this vehicle will not be coming in AWD as popular Subaru cars do. This model will be a rear wheel drive car, with no conversion offered.

In terms of design, the Subaru FT-86 will further differentiate itself from its Toyota brethren by changing up the grilles, bumpers, and wheels. A big hood scoop is visible in these spy shots possibly making room for a top-mount intercooler. Some gold rims may also add to the flare of the Subaru.

Expect the Subaru FT-86 to officially show its pretty little face sometime in November 2011.

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Is it real, the trunk is so high and its like the driver’s having hard time looking at the road because of the higher elevation of the hood.

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