Subaru teases future Impreza WRX STI tS

Subaru Japan has revealed the first teaser image of a future Impreza WRX STI tS (tuned by STI) model. Unfortunately, we don’t have much information on the model because the site is in Japanese and the English version is nonexistent (insert frustrated growl here). And the bad news doesn’t stop there as this edition will only be available in Japan. Why doesn’t that surprise us?

We were able to get some information from the image as it is blatantly obvious that a carbon fiber roof is present. All we need to know now is what other goodies will be in store for us, well Japan, when this new model comes out.

We are not really expecting to see any significant improvements under the hood due to the fact that nothing changed in that department for the Legacy tS unveiled earlier this year. It was distinguished only by a front lip and rear spoiler, 18" alloy wheels, a less restrictive muffler, and STi badges. It also got a revised Bilstein suspension, strut tower bars, and carbon fiber trimming. Our guess is that the new WRX STI tS will follow along those same lines, but that carbon fiber roof is pretty intriguing. Maybe we’ll see a few more fascinating mods when this vehicle is placed in the spotlight.


If not mistaken, I think this car has already debuted and it has an amazing speed just like the predecessor’s performance.

Recently, Subaru has released the Impreza. And yeah, there are lot of things to expect from this car. I haven’t read the full detail but i do hope that it would be much better compare to its predecessor.

Oh yes! For the upcoming WRC, Ford and Subaru are great rival on the race track! I can’t wait for the debut of Impreza. 

I’ll wait for a carbon fiber roof on the production version of the Impreza Design Concept. smiley That is a much better looking sedan.

So let me get this straight: It’s the Subaru Impreza WRX STI ’tuned by STI’? Why not just WRX tS?"

Doesn’t matter how fast it is, it’ll never be able to outrun the ugly... Maybe the problem isn’t that the power disappeared, but rather that some extra weight appeared on the test driver?

Why not have one of the site’s infinitely-wise talking heads go over the numbers and offer some analysis in the video? That’s really all that’s missing, and would help finally bring IL’s video reviews up to par with C/D, MT, R&T, and others.

oh that looks Interesting, it looks better than the best Impreza wrx STI. the images looks promising and can easily smoke an Evolution.

WRX STI is set to receive enhancements that will only be offered for the Japanese domestic market. At Subaru’s Japanese website, there is a teaser image of an upcoming version of the Impreza WRX STI tS.

well I’m not that attractive to subaru in fact i would rather have an evo or the Hyundai Genesis than having this kind of car.

there are some humors that they will call it Takumi Version, I guess this is to give credit to the Initial D’s number 1 drifter.

Cool! Already we will have a future WRX? smiley

Adam, depending on your taste on cars you could find many cars ugly. However you should think that when you drive a car you do not see its looks. I think drivers should be more concerned about interior comfort, handling, power or fuel efficiency.

Although the look is important, and first thing you see, and the one that probably sells the car, it’s probably the least important one since you use the car for it’s functions not the look.

loose the damn clear tail lights. Those things looked dumb when lexus used them 5 years ago and they look even worse now. Get toyota out of your design room subaru. I have never seen a toyota that I liked and I am now not seeing any subarus I like either.

I’ll be interested in Impreza-based cars when they put red and orange tail light assemblies on them.

well it looks exactly just the same does it? the only difference here is they added up a little tweaking on the engine.

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