Successful 6 month Porsche sales hint at yet another brilliant year

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Porsche Cayenne

Despite recently pulling out of the illustrious Iranian car market a few months ago, Porsche managed to achieve some incredible sales results for the first quarter of the year. That impressive sales trend has continued with the German company posting more great revenue figures for the first six months of the year.

Delivering 30,231 vehicles for the first quarter, the latest results show that sales continued to rise throughout the preceding months with an additional 38,940 units being sold, bringing the total six month tally up to 69,171. In comparison to last year, that’s an impressive increase of 14%.

Furthermore, Porsche managed to sell 12,699 cars in the month of June, an 18.9% increase over June last year. With the recent launch of the new Porsche 911/991, no less than 14,338 911’s were sold over this time period representing an increase of 27.4% from last year.

Unsurprisingly, the Porsche Cayenne was the brand’s best revenue raiser selling 34,727 vehicles, another great increase of 15.5% over the same time last year.

While speaking about the issue, Porsche marketing chief Bernhard Maier stated, “Porsche successfully continued on its growth path in the first half of the year. However, we cannot separate ourselves from the economy as a whole. With regard to the European economy in particular, we will continue to monitor developments closely and respond quickly if necessary. Nevertheless, we are currently planning for double-digit growth in 2012.”

Source: Porsche


If they gained a success in this challenging year, they might have the other half a success again with their stability despite the stumbling European and slow Asian markets.

They will continuously succeed in the next half of this year, because more people find it interesting to sell this car.

Congratulation to the successful sales in the first half of the year. Keep it up.

It’s good to be optimistic at this time despite what the global market is going through.

Their continuous success must continue in the next half. I guess Porsche did a great job on managing the sales of the Porsche models.

I’m glad that they been successful in 6 months. Hopefully this success may continue.

They have to prepare for the worst situation possible ahead or maybe at the end of the year.

The last half of the year is just a long way to go so it’s too early to call it a success.

There is sense that the half year wouldn’t be good as the first and second quarter.

It may be stable for now, but in the following years that Ford and McLaren releases their models that have major positive reviews, it could affect the Porsche.

The reason is the stable outlook of the Porsche, most especially the Cayenne made its way for them to resist the global turbulence that can affect them.

What could be the probable reason why this Porsche withstood the crisis in Europe?

Awesome! It’s a great news because of its progress in sales in the first half of the year.

No biggie in this news article. Everybody expected this result before the year starts.

The first half of the year turns good sales on Porsche. And I hope that the remaining half will be twice the revenue figures.

It’s a positive year for them despite the Euro Crisis. I’m glad they have an early increase in sales this year.

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