Super Bowl Ad: Even the Mayans love the Kia Optima

Just how far would you go to drive the Kia Optima ?

To give an idea just how criminally desirable Kia ’s new mid-size sedan is, the Korean automaker’s new Super Bowl commercial features the car getting jacked multiple times by the most unlikely of people. Or in one case, the Greek God of the Sea.

From a policeman, to a terrorist, to Poseidon, to aliens, and finally the Mayan empire, the Kia Optima exchanges hands more times than a day spent in East L.A.

Apparently, everybody loves the Optima so much that they’d resort to underhanded tactics to have a chance to get behind the wheel of it. In the end, the Optima ends up in the hands of the Mayan empire, which would have been cool except that we seriously doubt if those people knew how to drive it.

Source: Kia


A Nissan Optima? Why do they used this? There are more cooler models of Nissan than that. Plus the fact that the commercial lacks in knowledge. Where’s the point of this ad?

No wonder why this car is not included in the list of runner up for the best ad.
I really don’t get the point of this commercial.

I don’t get on why they are using the Optima as the model? Seriously, there’s nothing spectacular about this car, there’s no even high technology features included here..and I would say that pre-historic people has the right to drive this car!

The beginning caught my attention though I find the ending kind of huh?I wonder if the Mayans can drive this carsmiley

This is also one of the more interesting commercials that I have seen during the Super Bowl. Really isn’t as flashy as the other ads, but nice to watch still.

Yeah, I Agree! So it seems that KIA is one of out of this world classic design huh? because even the aliens and epic Mayan Empire love it!hehe

haha. Nice KIA! Love this Ad!Now, I’ve just remember the "HAMSTER COMMERCIAL". I love that also.

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