Super Bowl Ad: Kia's "Space Babies" are Set to Launch During the Super Bowl

It’s not a trailer for a new space-cadet movie, nor is it an ad for diapers. What it is, though, is a teaser of what Korean automaker Kia is planning for the Super Bowl.

We’re not quite sure what the direction Kia is taking with this one, but we do know that when it comes to the Super Bowl, all conventional thinking when it comes to commercials flies right out the window.

Kia’s theme this year is all about "Space Babies,” a concept that we still can’t wrap our heads around. That’s probably what the Korean automaker was hoping for in the first place, so we keep talking about the ad before its scheduled launch during the Super Bowl.

If that is indeed what they were going for, consider it a job well done. The sight of a baby boy in a space suit accompanied by baby animals in similar space suits in a sort of intergalactic version of Noah’s Ark has left us very perplexed. And the most confusing part; the commercial is set to promote the 2014 Kia Sorento.

Not sure how the SUV can be tied into this, but then again, the beauty of it all lies in the suspense.


I have seen the Super Bowl commercials and they are all good and creative. It is nice for the Kia to be able to come up with this creative and original commercial. The baby looks cute.

Yeah, they try to reveal the sensitive part out of the technical world of cars

Indeed, I don’t understand either how that little kid actually Can walk =\

Kia brought to my eyes something I have never seen much fantasy and cuteness!

It’s interesting, but I don;t understand how that little kid can actually walk, so good

This ad reminds of a zoological garden governed by a little child, ha haah!

This is such a good and cute ad!It’s been some time since I have seen such a thing!

Kawaiiii, as they might saY!But I don’t make the link between this and superbowl

I think that the next year theme will be something like starwars...definitely!

Freaking Jungle Book has nothing to do with the great KIA cars!Word!

Oh my God, Brad!That is really crazy?It’s cute, I think that they go on the sensitive side of the technical world, somehow..

A SUV driven by a little baby, getting its diaper dirty.That came across my mind, immediately after seeing this video..

I love that little dog, the most!smiley
So, what’s the point?I really don’t get it.What is Kia doing here?

Okay, seeing this, I can only say that Super Bowl becomes more like something hilarious!

I don’t seem to understand..are they creating some sort of kids car?or a spaceshift?

Well , well, Kia is actually making some pretty surprises!
This teaser is the sweetest thing I have ever seen!

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