Super Bowl Ad: The power of "The Force" on a Volkswagen Passat

That’s a Star Wars reference in case you haven’t noticed.

For a lot of people who don’t follow football, the Superbowl is as much about the commercials as it is about the game itself. So you can imagine the lengths - and costs - companies go to so that they’re visibly present in the single most anticipated sporting event in the US.

This year, Volkswagen is making sure that the American consumer will be introduced to the all-new Passat during the Big Game. And yes, even if it means using Star Wars’ "The Force" to get your attention.

In this ad, Li’l Darth Vader is trying to hone his skills in using the Force, albeit to no avail. He tries it on their dog, his sister’s doll, and even the washing machine. It wasn’t until his dad goes home with the new Volkswagen Passat where all his concentrations pay off...except that, unknowingly, he received a little help from pops himself.

Very cute commercial, Volkswagen. You certainly got our attention with this ad. Nice touch on the Star Wars reference too.

Source: Volkswagen


haha ! This ad really makes me smile and then laugh. Even they don’t use languages to promote or caught the attention of the viewers, that little Dart Vader makes the scene special.

WOW! No wonder why this ad was voted as eh best commercial for the Super Bowl Ad! Though there’s no action scene in this ad, it will definitely leave a smile in your face.

The kiddie Vader was simply marvelous, he really played out his part well on this one. Definitely the funniest commercial I have seen during the game.

Star wars huh.smileyNice one!

haha. So cute!Much better if they talk!

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