Super Bowl Ad: Volkswagen Takes the YouTube Approach With Their Super Bowl Commercials

Two years ago, Volkswagen released arguably the greatest Super Bowl commercial ever with "The Force" spot for the Volkswagen Passat featuring "Li’l Darth Vader" spot for the Volkswagen Passat.

This year, the German automaker is taking a different yet similarly creative approach with their new Super Bowl ads. Instead of continuing with the Star Wars reference, Volkswagen decided to tap reggae legend Jimm Cliff to sing a cover of "C’mon Get Happy" from the 70’s TV show "The Partridge Family.”

What’s the significance of the song to the commercial, which is dubbed "Sunny Side?”

Mixed in with shots of Jimmy Cliff singing the song are YouTube clips from some of the most memorable viral Internet blowups and breakdowns seen on YouTube. The central theme of these clips revolves around men, women, and even llamas that have had their temper tantrums captured on video and posted on YouTube.

That’s where "C’mon Get Happy" comes into the picture. The whole concept is pretty cool and the appearance of the protagonists of those videos adds a level of authenticity to the ad. But the real star of the commercial is Jimmy Cliff. That man is a true legend.

We’ll bring you all of VW’s ads following the game.


I know it is nice to see Youtube figures, the "Be Happy" message is inspiring and the song is nice to listen. But I was wondering why they did not feature a Volkswagen car in the video.

I never knew that VW have such meaningful commercials..they’re good in everything they do!

Although, I don’t seem to understand why were all these youtube stars added here, in this ad...

Have anyone seen "The Partridge Family”?

It is a total mess, I am telling you

Jimmy Cliff always makes you smile!He has this special abililty in changing your mood.Thumbs up!

Oh my God, this guys are crazy!I love to see that these new ads have something new, something fresh, something to say!

Ha-ha, interesting ad.Very eclectical, I might saysmiley)

I can’t stop laughing!Seriously!This ad is simply crazy!!!

People, what is wrong with this ad?Only a shaman is missing, so the crowd can be completed...

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