Super Sales for Super Duty

The Super Duty is one of the most profitable vehicle in Ford’s lineup. Buyers are snapping up fully optioned F-350s, such as the Lariat and King Ranch, in greater numbers than expected. The F-450 pickup also looks like a winner.

In April Lariat sales are up 30 percent and King Ranch sales are up 53 percent compared with the same period a year ago.

Best sales were made by the F-450. Ford spokesman Wes Sherwood says that through April, the F-450 was the hottest selling of the new Super Duty pickups in terms of days to turn: less than 15.

In April, Ford sold 228,343 units of Super Duty even if most of the 2008 Super Duty pickups sell for close to full sticker price, which can exceed $60,000.

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