Super-Saloon built by Bugatti?

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The bugatti Veyron is too small for you? You want to be surrounded by your friends when you drive with 250mph? Well, seems Buggati is preparing a saloon for you. Based on the world-beating, 252mph Veyron, the W16 super-saloon will use the same underpinning and drivetrain — including the quad-turbo engine mated to a seven-speed gearbox and four-wheel drive.

But the car will be produced only if the bosses from VW think it will make money. This means that the car will have to share as many components as possible with the coupé. The exterior design will be inspired by the Bugatti Royale, the super- saloon of the `30s and the most expensive car in the world today.


Wow, an awesome Saloon which has the rumored 252 miles an hour. The exterior seems child-friendly with fewer corners and details on the outside.

I suppose the striker motor means a lower red line... which is kind of a shame (if you’ve ever caned an M5 up to red line, might understand where I’m coming from) but the extra 70+hp should more than make up for it.

Hmm, I think I love this car, though I have a feeling that it’s for much older people,

Ok, they are not ’super’ but high peformance saloons. They are still much cheaper and will probably be also cheaper to run. Now I am about to get battered with comments saying ’The target audience wouldn’t care about running costs.’ just imo, it is a waste of money. :P

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