Suzuki XL7 Ceases Production (For Now)

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Suzuki has stopped production of its North America only XL7 at the CAMI Ingersoll, Ontario plant it shares with General Motors. The suspension is indefinite, but will almost certainly last through the rest of the year. "It is an America-specific model," says Suzuki spokesman Hideo Kojima. "But since the subprime loan problem, that segment has been hit the hardest. So we decided to suspend it."

CAMI produced 12,407 XL7s last year, but this year has only popped out four (that’s right, four) XL7s through Sunday, May 10.


It looks so classy in a simple way. It’s sad to hear that they will not bring this one on production for now, but I’m sure it will be a big hit in the market.

I wonder why. I’ve heard that the Suzuki-xl7 was awarded the Consumer’s Digest Best Buy award.

This sounds like the Mitsubishi Eclipse a great engine in search of a decent chassis – come to think of it why doesn’t GM replace its (Co-bull -ugh) ” cam in block’ engines with this mill then?

poor xl7 they really hit by the crisis. but based in what i’ve read about this SUV, this one is good suv. so sad that they lacked on money.

Just a little review on this crossover wagon. Suzuki partnered with General Motors to build the 2007 model, now called XL7 (without the hyphen). It uses the same unibody platform and many of the same components as the Chevy Equinox, Pontiac Torrent and Saturn Vue, but incorporates third row seating exclusive to the Suzuki. This second generation model uses a version of the GM High Feature engine, built in Japan. XL7 is Suzuki’s first entry in the crossover SUV segment. Well with GMC viability plan, it is not surprising to hear this on the news.

XL7 is not a big loss after all. However in terms of afordability Suzuki has a good line up for a low budgeted car segment.

Well for small players like Suzuki, the decision is best rather than they end up lossing more in the process.

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