Tag Heuer Formula 1 Gulf Edition Watch

Tag Heuer has been rather busy this year coming up with several special editions to celebrate their partnerships. So far, we’ve seen the Tag Heuer Monaco V4 Titanium Chronograph , the TAG Heuer Limited Edition Indy 500 Centennial Chronograph , and the TAG Heuer McLaren MP4-12C Chronograph . Their latest ode is the limited edition Formula 1 Gulf Edition Watch which celebrates the timepiece company’s partnership with both Monaco Gulf and Formula 1.

The special edition timepiece is based on the steel 44mm wide Tag Heuer Formula 1 Big Date watch with a Swiss quartz movement and a time, subsidiary seconds dial. It features a black dial with a light gray cross-hatching pattern and contrasting Gulf racing stripes in orange and blue, as well as the orange and white Gulf logo. The Formula 1 Gulf Edition is available in either a steel or rubber strap.

The Tag Heuer Formula 1 Gulf Edition Watch sells for somewhere in the $1,000 range.


Agreed. His styling is kind of impressive among the watch maker. However, I still can’t understand why they have put this think in the car section?

I have seen a lot of car watch in the car section. And admittedly, I have to say that I’m impressed with work of the great watch maker, Tag Heuer. I think he is just the one that never makes the Formula One theme boring!

Yeah, that’s really one of the best things about them. Unlike other watchmakers who only focus on the looks, Tag Heuer puts quality above anything else, which is why they are the best.

Tag Heuer really focuses on the result of every product or model. Their designs are simple as we all wanted and of course, the quality is at its best!

Face it guys, this is really how it goes when it comes to these special rfiyion watches, and the thing is, while they keep ranting on how pricey these are, but still end up buying them anyway.

Yeah, I would agree that this one is a bit overpriced, considering that a lot of its features are actually pretty much standard in other sports watches. But it really still looks very good though.

Well, even though this one is great looking, I still can’t help but scratch my head with the price. The price range seems to be way off when compared with other special edition Tag Heuer watches.

Whoa! This video is definitely one of the coolest that I have seen. I really like that they were able to put in all those great cars into this one, especially the 12C.

Yeah, I would really agree with you on that part. For my case, what I actually like is the simplicity of their designs, theirs are not all that flashy when compared with other sports watches.

One thing that I really like whenever Tag Heuer these F1 themed watches is that the results are simply gorgeous. They really show off why they are considered as the best watch company around.

Well, this one is definitely quite a fancy watch. Good thing that this is from Tag Heuer, so you can practically be sure of the quality and the price too.

I would say that this one is definitely gorgeous. Love how they did the watch face on this one, especially with the colors that they have used. Definitely a must have.

The awesome designs of this watch make me think that Tag Heuer gets a very nice inspiration with on F1 racing!hehe. I think that was a good idea to have this watch.. How about a exchange gist guyssmiley

@Pmoney, at least you can correct your spelling. Anyways, Tag Heuer really makes the best design for watches. I think with all the Chronograph that I have seen in the car watches section his works really stands out. I want this as a Christmas gift! lol

i need that whatch

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