Tailgating – Whose fault is it anyway?

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Who is to blame, the driver being tailgated or the tailgater?

Source: Safe Speed.

Tailgating – Whose fault is it anyway?

The Victim;

Do you find yourself being constantly tailgated? Are you forever being flashed by drivers behind you? These are common occurrences to drivers who are being tailgated. This begs the question of why? Why do you appear to be tailgated by other road users? Maybe it is your driving style that annoys your fellow road users, or maybe you are unaware that you are travelling too slow, of course there are speed limits and as it has been said many time before these are limits and not speed minimums, but driving slow is probably the major factor in the cause of tailgating.

The Tailgater;

There are course some people who actually go out of their way to tailgate other road users, there is no excuse for tailgating it is dangerous and probably stupid as putting pressure on a driver who may be nervous or just recently past their driving test can actually lead to accidents which may even involve other vehicles or pedestrians, the practice of tailgating does appear to be getting worse and with the amount of speed cameras and other traffic calming measures around, a tailgater is almost bullying other road users into breaking the law and getting caught on camera.

Are you a Tailgater?


I have to admit that at times, I do a little bit of tailgating because of being annoyed on how reckless the driver upfront can be. But I also have to admit that at those times, I remember on how I hate to be tailgated. It could be dangerous as its annoying and it can make you loose your focus on driving.

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