Tango T600 – no more traffic problems

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Traffic, that’s the biggest problem of a car driver. You always get stuck in traffic, especially when you are in a hurry. From now one you won’t have that problem anymore. Just imagine a vehicle capable of getting by traffic just like a bike but whit out the need to wear a helmet o that heavy lather suit a biker has to wear. That vehicle is Tango T600 a two seat car, not the most beautiful car ever made but who cares about that?

Tango T600 – no more traffic problems

If I tell you that Tango T600 is 39 inches wide, 101 inches long and the two seats are one behind the other, you’re going to say that the Tango T600 is a motorcycle with a roof. And when you are going to find out that it’s powered by an electric engine you’re going to be really disappointed. But think about it! A small car that can get by traffic like a bike, which can be parked almost all over the place, and is environmental friendly, is the perfect thing for a crowded city.

This revolutionary vehicle combines the speed and agility of a motorcycle with the security and comfort of a high-performance sports car. No, I didn’t make a mistake the Tango T600 is a high-performance sports car. Think about this: you’re waiting in your Tango T600 for the green light and a guy driving a 2007 Gallardo Spyder challenges you at a drag race to the next light. Do you accept? Of course you accept, you can’t wait to teach him a lesson. The light is green and you accelerate, the Gallardo accelerates and your little electric Tango T600 is going to win. You’re surprised? This little electric car is capable to accelerate from 0-60 mph in just 4 seconds (4.2 for the Gallardo Spyder if you’re interested), and reach a top speed of 150 mph. The 2 Advanced DC FB1-4001 9" motors, one driving each rear wheel with over 1,000 ft-lb of combined torque at low rpms. 8,000 rpm redline make that possible.

Tango T600 – no more traffic problems

The range of the Li-Ion batteries is over 200 miles, and with a 200-amp off-board charger, the Tango can be charged to 80% in about 10 minutes, with a dryer outlet will get a complete charge in less than 3 hours.

Because safety is such a concern for small cars in particular, the Tango is designed around a roll cage that meets or exceeds both SCCA and NHRA regulations. These are racing organizations that specify cage design to protect the occupants of cars crashing at over 200 mph. In addition, the extremely high strength-to-surface area ratio of a steel roll cage allows superb visibility from within the Tango. The Tango has stability that exceeds that of most sport cars because of the 2,000 lbs. (mostly batteries) under the floor, the Tango’s static rollover threshold is equivalent to a 5-star NHTSA rating, placing it in company with the lowest slung sports cars.

Tango T600 – no more traffic problems

If you want to buy a Tango T600 you will have to pay $150,000 for the model which uses lithium batteries and $108,000 for the model using lead acid batteries and you’ll get carbon fiber body, Connolly leather interior, Sparco seats, A/C & heater, Sparco steering wheel, MoTeC dash, 400-Watt sound system, Two Advanced DC electric motors producing over 1,000 ft-lbs of torque, 2,000 amp Zilla controller with 600 kilowatt peak output, front suspension: unequal-length control arms with coil-over shocks, rear suspension: trailing arm with coil-over shocks, 4-wheel disc brakes, cruise control and front and rear trailer hitch receivers.


  • Width: 39 inches
  • Length: 101 inches
  • Weight: 3000+ lb
  • 0–60 mph: 4 seconds
  • ¼ mile: 12 seconds @ 120 mph
  • Top speed: 150 mph
  • Range: 60–80 miles(Lead-acid batteries)
  • Batteries: 12 V * 19 Hawker Odyssey’s or 25 Exide Orbital XCD’s or Optima Yellow Tops. Will accommodate Li-Ion batteries in the future.
  • Nominal Voltage: 228 V with 19 Hawkers (300 V with 25 batteries)
  • Charging: 50 A Manzanita Micro on-board charger with Avcon conductive coupling. 200 A off-board charger under development.
  • Motors: 2 Advanced DC Motors DC FB1-4001 9",one driving each rear wheel with over 1,000 lb-ft of combined torque at low rpms. 8,000 rpm redline.


Well, it may get you off traffic easily but it can also be the car that can get you killed in an accident. It’s too small that when a van at about 60 to 80 mph hits it on the side, the passengers will definitely have big problems.

to bad is not so pretty!

Imagine that thing lined up next to a Gallardo or something. The Tango T600 would most proabably beat its @$$

That’s to fast for a car so small!

Oh man! Soon we will have bicycles with large electric motors that will outrun some of the best cars out there.

Maybe we are moving too fast.

it seats nicely, now let’s see how it rolls over ! because with a narrow base like that and high center of gravity, it must be easier to be on the side than on the wheels...

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