Tasteless Pagani Zonda F replica spotted broken down in California

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We should all know by now that the Pagani Zonda , and even its successor, the Huayra, are not street-legal in the U.S. Sure, Pagani may still be fighting with the NHTSA to gain an exemption for the Huayra, allowing it to legally roam U.S. streets , but the Zonda never was and never will be allowed to drive on U.S. roads, even if three or four have managed to slip through into private collections.

As a result, a desperate owner in the U.S. took matters into his own hands and created his very own Pagani Zonda replica, which was recently spotted broken down in Mountain View, California.

The pictures captured simply scream "replica," as the dimensions are all wrong, despite the fact that this particular unit is far off from the real thing. No specific details have been released about this particular unit, but based on the huge number of Ferrari replica’s designed around the Toyota MR2 , it’s likely that this vehicle utilized a similar affordable sports car and has been designed around it.

If true, that means this Zonda replica would be gravely underpowered as the Toyota MR2 only featured a tiny 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine, producing just 138hp at 6,400 rpm and only reached a top speed of 129 mph. Compare this to the Pagani Zonda F however, and the true extent of the differences become clear.

The Zonda featured a 7.3-liter V-12 engine sourced from AMG and produced around 650hp, helping the lightweight hypercar sprint to 62 mph in less than 3.5 seconds and onto a claimed top speed of 220 mph.

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A small radiator hose exploded and they changed it in 15 minutes. The car had a v12 Mercedes engine in the back just like the original. The front shows the fuse box and the radiators.

A lot of people stopped to take pictures when the car was on the other side of the highway.

Aw, this kind of cars must be treasured!. Even if it’s just a replica still, it is a car.

The driver should be careful in handling this type of car.

Wow, the car’s owner must be really devastated seeing his car in the road broken down.

I feel pity to the owner of that car. Even though it’s only a replica, it’s actually hard and I think he spent many money on that car.

I don’t know why the driver let his replica of Zonda be broken. He must have lot of money.

Yeah, if ever this will be repaired, will he allow some customization options? Just like the real Zonda?

I felt bad for this gorgeous car. Even though it was just a replica, still this car looks great.

Why this Zonda Replica spotted broken down ? Is the driver drunk at that time ?.

Wow. The driver really have the guts not to take care of this Zonda.

How shameful that car is! If I were the driver, I would feel so embarrassed to what happened.

It’s a shame to the Zonda replica owner to have his car wrecked on a vehicular accident like that. Though it looks good even damaged most on the front fascia.

Although it’s a replica or prototype, it’s still a shame that the Zonda is damaged on a crashed.

That’s one good slap for Pagani Zonda! A break down in the middle of a mild driving is truly a shameful experience. Having a supercar that got broke in a non-race drive is really a funny thing to see.

I was told they cut up a Porsche Boxer for the base. The wheel base of a Zonda is 107 and 109 for the R. Last I checked the boxedr would not be a match. I saw a video of this same car reving the engine and i would confidently say it sounded like 3 hamsters running laps in it. The interior featured a metal plate in the center of the dash to secure important buttons to compliment the PCV pipe it had sticking out for AC vents. Oh and a cost of a give away cost of $120,000 and thats a mark down of the proper, under valued price of $140,000.

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