Tata Nano to Sport FEV's Diesel Engine

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Tata is taking steps to makes sure the little Nano won’t be short on power. FEV, a German engineering and powertrain firm, is right now actively working on the diesel engine for the Nano to debut later next year. The 800 cc, turbocharged CRDI engine would most likely be the tiniest engine with common rail technology in the world, taking the crown from Daimler.

The CRDI systems are being developed in conjunction with Bosch, while Honeywell Turbo India is working on the turbo charger. Originally the 700 cc CRDI engine, which Tata uses in its Ace mini-truck was considered for the Nano, but Tata has decided against it. The new FEV engine is cheaper and could also involve more progressive technology to battle emissions, redeem a better fuel economy, and achieve better engine refinement.



It’s still ideal to be a hybrid because it would be a hassle for electric cars if their batteries get low.

They should fix any issues with this one. It’s very inconvenient!

They really need to get an alternative to this poor car. They should find a solution to the problem too. I hope there will be no more funny incidents with this car.

Maybe they converted this little electric car to a fuel-powered one because its consumers claimed that they lost power in the middle of a traffic.

hmm. Tata Nano is an electric car if I’m not mistaken. This scenario is what I’m talking before. I said before that electric cars are impossible , see it loses it power and to be sure that you will not stuck in the middle when that thing happen they put diesel engine. So , i guess the purpose of the car is already ruin! I’m disappointed.

Is that paint scheme a one off or will it be available to consumers as well? How on earth do you keep an eye on road with that seating position and high ’wall’ ahead of you. Not to mention this thing does not meet any safety regulations.

is not a bad thing that Tata is making a small cheap car, but i`m seek of it, now they are going to make a diesel, good for them, tomorrow they will build a electric Nano, fantastic if you are thinking of fuel economy and running costs, but that car looks terrible, and has so little power that even the Prius is faster than that.

Kylle I think you’re right, the Nano should be a no-no

next we’ll going to see a hybrid or a electric powered Nono

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