Terrafugia Transition flying car going on sale

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Back in July we mentioned that Terrafugia would produce proof of a flying car by the end of the year . Well no proof yet, but they did start posting this nifty 3D video. So it must be a real working plane, right? Even better is now Terrafugia is accepting $10,000 deposits for the Transition. That’s definite proof the "roadable aircraft" is real if Terrafugia is willing to take your money, right? anyone?

Terrafugia does have a decent idea according to the cartoon above. If its concept works, airplane ownership may become more affordable because there is no need for storage at the airport. Also, this drug dealer’s dream is a much better approach than the commuter nightmare from Moller that was on eBay earlier this week.

If the Transition project can get off the ground, Terrafugia wants to deliver the first one by late 2009 for $194,000.


I never thought that flying cars would come to reality. The Terrafugia Transition can be able to be flown within the air, and driven on a highway. You will find estimates that as early as 2011 individuals will actually own this car/plane; however the one that has already been made is only a prototype. Financing is going to be required for most individuals to get one of these, at around $194,000 each you would need a lot more than a payday advance to buy one. Individuals want one of these automobiles so badly that there is already a list of people who have given a $10,000 deposit to purchase one when they are complete.

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