Terrafugia Transition - flying car actually flies!

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Plenty of companies have been established with the vision of providing a vehicle that would give eager everyday drivers the option of doing a Jetsons-style flyover for their morning commute. But the reality is that although there have been many drawings and ideas in the past, very few have ever gotten off the ground. So each time news has come out of the Terrafugia company about their Transition car/plane, we’ve been skeptical.

Now the company has given us good reason to move them from the “Crackpot Idea” category right into “Money Sinkhole” slot. This video shows that the Transition is a real flying aircraft (even if the altitude is very low). If Terrafugia keeps up this kind of progress, we may soon be moving it into the “Toys for People With More Money Than Brains” category.

Now all we have to do is see proof that the Transition folds up and fits into a garage like the computer-generated video showed us. Still a tall order for a company that announced it wants to deliver the first production vehicle in late 2009 for $194,000. If Terrafugia can keep on target, we won’t just have to watch out for the idiots driving in front or behind us in morning traffic, but also the rich idiots who are attacking from above.

Interview video with the test pilot after the jump.

Test pilot interview:


Don’t forget to wear your seatbelt and check the ’eject’ button for emergency use. Isn’t that amazing to ride with a flying car? You don’t need a taxi.

Nice, Hope someday everyone will benefit from that..smiley

The first step in building a dream is to take it one step at a time. I hope that after some years we’ll see cars that actually fly even without wings.

Cool I want one! This is the next step to a hovercraft!!! haha

Cool, where in the world will you fit the wings on the highway by the way? It kinda reminded me of one of James Bond’s movies where he has this car and then attached some wings on it to make it fly. Actually, I’m not sure if it was James Bond or Mission Impossible.

yeah right it does look like the jetsons, i can still remember when i was in grade school i used to watch the jetson family before going to school.

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