Terrible SLR crash

What you are looking in here sometime used to be a SLR. We can’t give you more details about what really happened in here, but you can imagine just by watching the pictures!

The crash happened in Qatar and the owner of the car was only 22 years old (I say was cause just by looking at the car you can imagine he didn’t survive). He was driving extremely and he lost control of his car. The result... what you see in the images.

If you have more details about this, please let us know!

Source: CarDomain


I am from the same country , the guy died Immediately.

How fast was the guy going to have it broken up like that.

still alive but a little overcooked

Not sure if the guy died... he might still be alive as the pit seems in pretty good shape.. of course he must have flipped over like a pancake at least 4 or 5 times but with some luck.. he might be alive. Anyways good job on Mercedes as the front and back definitely absorbed as much energy as they could while keeping main cabin intact.

o my God! i never seen such a bad accident!

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